Good enough, seldom is!

I’m often asked about the value of entering award programs. I enjoy the conversation that follows, because it’s more about what they value than what I’m offering from a marketing perspective. As a crucial stakeholder in this process, it’s important for me to give them the information that they need to make an informed decision. Then if they’re on-board, we move forward in a team effort!

Stakeholder #2 – Company Owner (i.e. Boss)

Their/your heart has to be in it!

If you’re going to present your project in the best light possible, you have to be committed to doing your absolute best…. no last-minute attempts, no ‘just good enough’… I had a client call me up 2 days before the Georgies deadline a few years ago. He had a reno that he thought was worthy and could I help get the entries in. I said no – in fact, I was annoyed that he would have such little respect for his own project to do a last-minute attempt!

We continued to talk, and I convinced him that he should wait until the next season and together, we’d prepare his submissions properly. A couple of weeks later, I went out and met him at the project, and it was a stunner! We did submit this beautiful renovation the following season, and it won awards in all 3 award programs. Needless to say, my client and his team were thrilled, and I was pleased with their success.

Stay tuned for # 3 next week!