Relationships are key to Success

Just another Process, or is it?

If this is the year that you’re going to enter the Homebuilding Industry Awards, that’s great news! There are key steps to follow to ensure a successful entry. No different than any other project, here’s the first step – Who are your stakeholders? I’ve identified 5 different ones… let’s start with the most important one!

Stakeholder #1 – Homeowners

If you have a renovation or custom home project, you’ll need their permission to photograph the home. Plus, all 3 levels of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Industry Awards require a signed permission from the homeowner allowing the use of the photos for their marketing purposes. Many of my clients include something in the initial contract so that there are no surprises. But, from my experience, you need to keep that conversation going throughout the process. More than once, I’ve seen a homeowner change their mind, and an amazing project can no longer be entered for awards and marketing. Don’t assume…maintain the communication so you can answer any questions or concerns that might be on their mind.

Stay tuned for # 2 next week!