Why You Need My Services

Why You Need My Services

What does HMR offer?


award packages

Since 1991, I’ve been helping Builders enter their projects in Award competitions. In the early years, I worked for a Builder and searched for the time to prepare the entries amongst project launches and a million other marketing initiatives. When I started my own business, I realized that there were many Builders who had great projects and understood the value of entering, but just didn’t have the manpower and time to do the preparation. Since then I have prepared hundreds of entries for Developers, Builders, Renovators and more.

I firmly believe that winning awards for your work is extremely valuable. Why? Your clients and potential clients like to know that you’re a winner. They want to employ a winning team.

Your employees and subtrades/suppliers like being a part of a winning team. They love knowing that they did their part for this win! It’s very powerful.

The media wants to share ‘good news’ stories and nothing beats photos of a beautiful home.

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photography direction

There are specific needs for architectural photography by builders and renovators. This is especially important to know for entering industry awards where the judges need to see the rooms, construction details and specific areas. Plus, there is a maximum number of photos allowed per entry, so each photo must help tell the story.

Photography that emphasizes ‘design-details’ often doesn’t show the space and therefore doesn’t work for many categories. Sometimes ‘models’ are incorporated into photoshoots, but this is not allowed in most award program entries. As well, Builders like to have several different kinds of photography done to cover their social media and collateral marketing needs. But for ‘award purposes’ the photos need to be attractive, clear (unfiltered) and help demonstrate what makes this a winning entry.

These requirements need to be discussed and pointed out to the photographer for the best results. I have experience in directing photoshoots for award purposes and can either direct your photographer or suggest a photographer to you.

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Marketing Plans

Would you build a home without a complete set of floor plans? Of course not. Your marketing efforts needs a plan too! I work with Builders and Renovators to establish their goals for their business.

We develop a marketing plan that will take them to those goals. By understanding where they’re headed, they can allocate a budget and timeline to achieve them.

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Marketing Messaging

Builders are experts in developing and building homes, and as business owners they have a business plan. But, often it’s hard for them to turn those plans into actionable connections with their potential buyers. Whether it’s social media messaging, sales collateral or any touch point with the consumer, you must target your message to that viewer. That requires an understanding of who your audience is and how they would best receive your information. I love the challenge of figuring that out and writing the ‘copy’ for each different format.

There’s a lot of noise out there but does your potential customer hear what you’re saying?

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Marketing director

Good marketing practises remain constant, even though the marketing tools evolve over time. For some smaller companies, having a full-time Marketing Director watching over their marketing efforts is not possible.

My experience includes fulfilling this role on a contractual basis, tailored to the company’s needs. This could include strategic planning, oversight of specific projects or mentoring staff to help enhance their role.

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