You want that done by when?!!

So, I’m just going to say it – the Construction Department hates when they first hear that their project is being entered into awards…why…because they’re all about building a quality home by a certain date and they don’t need any more interruptions than they already have! I know this sounds harsh, but I have the greatest respect for their opinion, because it tells me that they care about what they do!

I also know that this award entry/marketing opportunity is the beginning of another construction project down the road…so I don’t feel bad about asking for their cooperation!

Having started my career in a multi-family production company, I have always respected the role of the Construction Manager. They have a huge responsibility with a complex schedule of tasks, being done by hundreds of people and with millions of dollars on the line. I always connect with them and discuss what we need to accomplish the best entries. I think that they appreciate my attitude because they always come through for me!

Whether I’m working on a large housing development or a custom home, when the team is onboard, things run smoothly.

Stakeholder #4 – Construction Department

Award programs have ‘full-stop’ deadlines and if you want your construction team to support your efforts, you need to be honest and upfront with what you need and when.

Over the years, I’ve had amazing construction crews who literally turned a ‘construction site’ into a piece of beauty before my eyes. Those of us in marketing understand that completing homes for the customer is most important, but remember, this is your project, and you need to plan for its success!

The earlier that you can discuss your expectations with them, the better, especially these days when the concept of ‘many hands make light work’ has gone out the window!

Communication is key – your photographer must be booked with a firm date, so work back the schedule to include the tasks needed. Obviously, the construction work must be complete, but don’t forget to book cleaners who can get you the ‘spotless look’ that the camera eye demands! Allow time for unforeseen circumstances, which of course, always happens.

Stay tuned for #5 next week!