Why Awards matter?

The Canadian Homebuilders Association, like the ‘Oscars’, offer award programs as a format to showcase the work of our member Builders, Renovators, Designers and Suppliers. Unlike the Oscars, there’s no ‘out of this world’ swag, but there are some beautiful trophies!

I’ve been preparing award entry submissions for many years. Some of them were for projects that I was directly involved in and many that were my client’s projects. I am pleased to have achieved hundreds of finalist positions and dozens of winners for my clients! Each entry is unique, and my focus is always to make that one the winner!

With plenty of available articles and books written on the psychology of ‘winning’, I want to share some of my observations which are more anecdotal, and kind of fun!

My first job in the homebuilding Industry was for a small Marketing and Communication company. One of

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